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Red Riding Hood

Character set designed and illustrated for "The Little Red Riding Hood" fairytale. The project required a new version for Red Riding Hood with mature, lean, young adult body like characteristics prepared for a more alert and thrilling version as compared to the original narration. 


Mascot Design

This character was designed as an engaging and interactive asset for students learning a particular lesson/ topic. Over a period of time and varying subjects, multiple backgrounds, outfits, details and gestures were embodied with this Ram character to match the story line.

characters for activities-01.png
grammaram writing.png
grammaram with a note pad.png
zeba illustrations-02.png
pirate grammaram comic
grammaram birthday surprise.png
grammaram birthday surprise.png
excited character-01.png

Winter Character Set

Character set was created to match the theme revolving around a group of children and their expedition to Antarctica. The age group targeted was 8-10 years old. Color palette, uniqueness in attires and gestures culminated a thrilling, playful and eagerness for students exploring the icy world.

antartica kids-06.png
antartica kids-07.png
antartica kids-04.png
antartica kids-03.png
antartica kids-01.png
antartica kids-08.png
antartica kids-05.png
antartica kids-02.png

Baby Dragon Fang 

Character designed for a project which featured the story of a baby dragon- Fang. Created with Adobe Illustrator. 

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